About Our Courses

Who are our courses for?

Our courses are for those who have been asked or required to complete an awareness training program centered around topics including Drugs & Alcohol, Truancy, Anger, MIP, Nicotine, Cyber/Bullying, Theft, and more.

Course Integrity

Our courses are authored using credible evidence-based sources that reference the leading research pertaining to each unit topic. 

Nationally Recognized

Our courses are authored to meet the requirements of courts, probation officers, employers, schools, administrators, case workers and counselors, and other issuing parties across the United States and Canada.

Time Requirements

We offer courses in a variety of time requirements. Courses can range from 2, 4, and 8 hours; or span across several days or weeks. Students should enroll in the appropriate time requirement assigned by the court or other issuing party. 

Updating Courses

Changing laws and new studies can affect the accuracy of our course content. That's why we are constantly learning about changes in reputable legal and research literature pertaining to the course topics we provide – updating as needed. 

No Hidden Costs

Our courses are among the most affordable available. There are no hidden or additional costs. Proof-of-enrollment, certificate of completion, and work material can all be instantly downloaded at no extra cost; with a money-back guarantee.