We enhance the way communities and legal systems interrelate.

We enhance 
the way 
communities and legal systems interrelate.

Project Bono connects communities with resources that contribute towards building a safe and sustainable society for everyone by working with courts, schools, and employers to deliver an exceptional correctional education while investing enrollment proceeds back into communities.

Project Bono is Committed to:

Enrich Yourself,
Enrich Your 


Our courses are authored by citing credible, evidence-based sources that reference the most current information found in legislative texts and peer-reviewed journals.


We continuously monitor developments related to our courses and provide consistent updates to ensure that the information in our courses remains accurate and relevant.


We inform communities on how to contribute towards a safe and sustainable living environment inside and outside of the household and connect people with resources that create opportunity.


By providing students with a correctional education structure that informs on the bigger picture when it comes to substance use and risky behaviors, we are able to effectively revise destructive thought processes.


We invest 25% of proceeds into communities that integrate our program through DEJ, abatement conditions, and correctional education policy. By doing so, we are able to alleviate burdens on taxpayers and enrich communities. 


Through our contributions, we intend to build a cross-network of organizations who are working towards positive societal impact and enhance the synergy between them.

Why choose Project Bono?

Here are some important things to consider when choosing a court-ordered course provider.


In order to accommodate those without computers, we have made our platform as mobile-friendly as possible. Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, students can enroll and learn anytime, anywhere.

Our courses are authored to adapt to most learning styles, languages, and reading levels.


There are different ways in which people store their money, and we understand that. We offer many different payment options for those who are unbanked or have alternate financial security solutions.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express regardless if your card is debit, credit, or prepaid. Additionally, we accept payments using PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even cryptocurrencies with Coinbase Commerce.

Saving Courts Valuable Time

Our highly comprehensible platform and printable handouts make it easy for courts, schools, and employers to assign correctional education courses without confusion to first and repeat offenders.


Project Bono is nationally approved and fulfills the requirements of legal, court, probation, employer, and other entities throughout the United States & Canada.

Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate Integrity

    Each certificate is unique to the student and is instantly verifiable at any time. There is no certificate fee.

    Certificates include:
    • Acceptance Guarantee
    • Verification link
    • Course title and time requirement
    • Student's name, birth date, and address
    • Date of completion
    • Instant PDF download (ready for print and email)
  • Earning a Certificate

    Students earn their certificate of completion by meeting their time requirement and reaching the final section of the course.