The Hidden Consequence: Drug Paraphernalia and MIP Charges for Minors

Underage possession of drug paraphernalia can lead to long-lasting legal consequences. Learn more about MIP charges and deferred entry of judgment programs to avoid them.
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As a minor, it's important to understand the legal consequences of illicit activities like underage drinking and drug use. One important fact that many minors might not know is that possession of drug paraphernalia can result in a Minor in Possession (MIP) charge, even without consuming any drugs or alcohol.

Drug paraphernalia includes any items, equipment, products, or materials used for drug or alcohol consumption, such as smoke and beer bongs, pipes, grinders, rolling papers, vaporizers, vape batteries, and other accessories. Possessing these items as a minor, even without any evidence of drug or alcohol consumption, can lead to MIP charges that come with legal consequences. It is essential to be aware of the potential risks and penalties associated with drug and alcohol-related activities as a minor, and education programs such as Project Bono can provide a valuable opportunity for deferred entry of judgment.

Minors who get caught with paraphernalia can face severe legal consequences, including fines, community service, probation, and even a diver's license suspension in some cases. Such charges can also result in a criminal record that can have long-lasting effects on one's future.

Enrolling in a court-ordered MIP class, such as the program provided by Project Bono, can offer an opportunity for deferred entry of judgment and prevention of an MIP charge. For early teens, Project Bono's MIP program is a valuable formative education that is designed to equip minors with the knowledge and skills necessary to avoid underage drinking and drug use and make responsible choices. The course comprehensively covers a wide range of substance abuse topics, including the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol use, as well as how to handle peer pressure and improve decision-making skills.

In conclusion, possessing drug or alcohol paraphernalia as a minor can result in MIP charges that can have significant legal and personal consequences. It is essential for minors to be aware of such consequences and take steps to avoid them.

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Page last updated: February 16, 2023