The Importance of Certificate Integrity for Court-Ordered Programs: How Project Bono Ensures Authenticity

Project Bono is ensuring certificate authenticity and providing value that excels beyond other court-ordered course providers.
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When it comes to court-ordered programs, certificate integrity is of the utmost importance. Not only do these certificates serve as proof of completion for courts, schools, and employers, but they also serve as a deterrent for repeat offenders and forgery. This is why at Project Bono, we prioritize certificate integrity.

Instant and Uniquely Generated Certificates

One of the ways we ensure certificate integrity is by instantly and uniquely generating certificates upon completion of our courses. Each certificate contains a unique serial number and watermark, making them easily verifiable by clicking the link provided on the bottom of the certificate or by visiting This ensures that our certificates cannot be duplicated or forged, providing added security for courts and other organizations that rely on them.

Included in Enrollment Fee — Always Free

Unlike some of our competitors, at Project Bono we believe that certificates should be included in the enrollment fee and not come at a surprise additional cost upon completion. This is why our certificates are always free and included in the enrollment fee, with no hidden fees. This allows our clients to focus on completing the program and not worrying about additional costs.

Additional Benefits of Project Bono

At Project Bono, we believe in giving back to the communities that assign our courses. That’s why we allocate 25% of enrollment proceeds to be donated towards 501(c)(3) non-profits across multiple charitable causes and reinvest back into the communities that assign our programs. This can come in the form of contributions to schools, recovery programs, shelters from domestic violence, and any other ways that we can enrich and serve communities.

In addition to our mission-driven focus, we also offer a range of payment options to serve unbanked individuals, including all major debit, credit, and prepaid cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies with Coinbase Commerce.


At Project Bono, we are committed to providing a comprehensive education program to first and repeat offenders, and ensuring certificate integrity is a top priority. Our instant and uniquely generated certificates, along with our charitable contributions and range of payment options, set us apart from our competition. We strive to not only benefit our clients, but to also benefit the communities that assign our courses.
Page last updated: January 27, 2023